Vacuum Kiln Plants

Fast drying of thick and valuable hardwoods.

Drying hardwood is an essential part of lumber processing. Traditionally, manufacturers have used forced heat kilns for drying lumber. While traditional kilns get the job done, they are not always the best option. Vacuum-kiln drying offers the advantages of speed, gentleness and higher lumber end-quality.

When you opt to use a vacuum kiln instead of a forced heat kiln dryer, you get to enjoy all the benefits advanced technology can bring. If you’re looking to add a vacuum kiln, you need the right equipment. For quality and convenience you can count on, American Wood Technology has you covered. Check out our available vacuum kiln plants and learn how they can help you.

How Do They Work?

Vacuum kilns date back to the 1970s, but their modern wood drying use didn’t develop until a bit later. With a traditional forced-heat kiln dryer, the idea is to make the wood hot enough that the moisture evaporates. Thus, in a regular kiln, the lumber dries from the outside in. If this process is forced (drying too fast), stress is created in the lumber, resulting in cracks, checks, warping, cupping and twisting.

With vacuum kilns, the amount of energy required to dry the wood is significantly reduced. The reason water boils at 373.16 kelvins (212 degrees Fahrenheit) is due in large part to air pressure. The greater the air pressure, the higher the boiling point. That’s why, if you’re a mile above sea level, water will boil at 367.05 kelvins (202 degrees Fahrenheit). A vacuum kiln removes air pressure from the equation almost entirely, allowing you to cause moisture evaporation at much lower temperatures, much faster. For example, 6/4 red oak can dry in about 7 days and 10/4 red oak in about 10 days.

Benefits of a Vacuum Kiln

When you use a vacuum kiln for wood drying, you will enjoy several advantages, including: Use of less energy per board foot; straighter, flatter lumber; less stressed lumber and better color retention, for example, in ash, white oak and maples where you aim for a “white” appearance.

This increased efficiency is great for business. You’ll get up to six loads of dried wood in the time you could only get one load before by using a high-heat type kiln. That means a greater turnaround for your product and a significantly better cash flow. Not only is the process itself less expensive, but it leads to money in the bank faster.

Finally, opting for a vacuum kiln is a no-brainer – and by leasing, the increased cash flow now also pays for the kiln while you use it.

Our Vacuum Kiln Plants

Work with us, and you can get a vacuum kiln plant delivered right to your worksite. Picture it like a Factory-In-A-Box. Everything comes already assembled and ready to go, so you can get started in a matter of days, rather than the long weeks you’d have to wait using traditional methods.

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If you’re looking for a better way to dry your large-dimensioned hardwoods fast, be sure to check out our vacuum kilns. With their increased efficiency compared to traditional kiln dryers, you’ll put out more product than ever before. Are you ready to take your production to the next level? Contact American Wood Technology today!