Creosote Plants

Creosote Treating Plants

Creosote has been used as one of the most effective wood preservatives for nearly two centuries now, and for good reason. This handy material acts as a great preservative for wood in both outdoor and in-ground use.

Using coal tar tends to be more effective, but what you use won’t matter much if you don’t have the proper equipment needed to treat the wood.
That’s where American Wood Technology can help. Learn about our creosote treating plants and discover how we can assist you in making wood treatment easier and more efficient than ever before.

A Low-Toxicity Alternative – Copper Naphthenate

Creosote is heavily regulated due to its perceived potential environmental impact. While all our plants meet the necessary requirements, we’ve explored alternatives as well. The most popular alternative is copper naphthenate, which could replace creosote, specifically when used for ties and poles. Despite being used since the late 19th century, copper naphthenate is only recently gaining traction, due to its impressive low toxicity.

Like our typical plants, these factories can be shipped either fully assembled or in just a few pieces, depending on the size you need, directly to your worksite. Not only do you get to enjoy a more environmentally friendly alternative, but you get to enjoy the convenience of a Factory-In-A-Box as well.

Creosote Processes

We offer full-cell or empty-cell processes. We offer both the Rüping and Lowry processes. We do both Boultinizing and Borate treatments in both cylinders and dip tanks. In other words, whatever your passion, we will gladly comply.

Our Creosote Treating Plants

Our team represents, IWT-Moldrup, the largest single supplier of treating plants on the planet. They have delivered plants all over the world, and together we are  in a position to find the best solution for your application. Whichever method you choose, you’re going to need the proper and best equipment to handle it.

We get rid of the nasty and high-maintenance internal heating coils. We offer smart and energy-efficient heating options. We offer cleaner plants and various fume-burning options. Whether you treat ties or poles, we have the equipment for you.

Contact American Wood Technology

Whether you’re looking to get a new plant or upgrade the equipment you already have, American Wood Technology is happy to help. Our creosote treating plants are state of the art, and you can have what’s essentially a factory in a box shipped right to your worksite. Contact us right here on our site or call 1-877-785-0274 to take your wood treatment to the next level today!