Components & Automation

Automated treating and material handling for your plant.

Is labor tightness an issue for you? For most of us in the woodworking process field, this is the most significant issue facing us all today. While we at American Wood Technology specialize in offering essential equipment like the plant’s treating equipment, we can also help you set up your entire factory, minimizing your need to hire manual labor.

Components and automation are essential today to ensure that your business operates at peak efficiency, and we want to offer you the complete solutions that will make your productivity soar. Learn all about our various components and automation options and discover how they can help your production.

Lights Out Automation

Automation is the future of all manufacturing, whether wood treatment or any other manufacturing. We’re happy to offer an opportunity for you to step forward into the future. You can, for example, opt for our lights-out automation solutions, where you can load up an entire weekend’s worth of lumber onto the system, press “GO” and then go enjoy your weekend.

When you come back the following Monday, you’ll find the lumber you loaded fully treated to your preset specifications, as your factory worked hard through your off days to deliver the results your business deserves. Higher productivity means higher profits, so don’t hesitate to look at upgrading your factory today.

Boosting Productivity

Big machines are essential for treating wood, but automation and handling are of equal importance to size, so be sure to choose the right equipment. We have solutions for all your lumber handling needs. Our components and automation solutions can help you load and unload cylinders, dip tanks, kiln dryers and more with our advanced conveyors, rollers, chains, bridges, feeders and stickering systems.

When you get components from us, you can be sure they’ll be ready to go once they arrive. Our mission is to deliver you a “Factory In A Box,” so you can have the components you need set up and ready to go in a matter of days, rather than waiting weeks or even months using traditional installation methods.

Upgrading Treating Plants

If you already have a factory in place, it’s always a good idea to modernize. We’re even happy to help with simple solutions like installing a new hydraulic door. In fact, a double-door system can increase your loading and emptying speed more than you might expect.

We’re happy to design and build replacement hydraulic doors to your unique specifications, whether you choose to replace an older bolt-on door or add a new and safer automatic hydraulic door setup. Doors are just one area where we can help. We’re also happy to assist with heating systems, replacement of heating coils, thermal oil boilers and more for you.

Contact American Wood Technology

With our components and automation solutions, you can boost the productivity of your factory like never before, whether you’re just getting started or already have a well-established factory. Our experts will even consult with you to come up with new ideas to get the most out of your wood treatment facility.

Remember American Wood Technology for all your wood treatment equipment needs. Give us a call at 1-877-785-0274 or contact us online and we’ll work with you to get the premium wood treatment components and automation solutions for your factory today!