Scanners (Machine Vision)

The Inspector Scanners TM

We are pleased to announce our affiliation with Electro Beauce, Inc (EBI)
We are working with EBI as independant sales and service agents for the EBI line of Inspector Scanners in the United States.
We can offer a full line of vision scanners for the flooring business. We have scanners for after the Rip line  (before the Side Matcher) where we scan for rough defects and best face as well as turnings (best direction of lumber fed to the Side Matcher) – the INSPECTOR B


We offer the now well known and well established INSPECTOR A (EBI 3000) for final grading and optimization of the your flooring pieces after the Side matcher. Here the Scanner delivers a final grade based upon your desired product mix in terms of Quality, Grade mix and product value. With this scanner we can completely integrate the entire flooring manufacturing line from in-feed to the side matcher and all the way to automatic nesting, final inspection and packaging. We offer the scanner itself, the entire control system using the latest Beckhoff CNC controls with Ipad/Iphone/internet controls, plus all the installation, TRAINING and AFTER SALES SUPPORT for the products we sell.

We have the INSPECTOR E (EBI 3100) end-of-Board scanner, where we inspect both ends of the flooring piece after the end matcher for flaws like knots, cracks, checks, micro-bevel defects etc. All is sold with print identification for easy and fast repairs, when any defects are found.

Call us for details and video down loads as well for any Scanner talk you may wish.