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The Moldrup family has been active in industrial wood preservation and accelerated wood drying (vacuum drying) for 2 generations.

Moldrup has 3 main focus-areas:

  • The sale of equipment, plants, and projects for industrial wood preservation and vacuum drying world wide
  • Operation of companies offering service treatment on several continents either as 100% subsidiary companies or as Joint Ventures trading under the Ipalco-name.
  • Research and Development into new processes for environmentally friendly protection of wood

The Moldrup companies have always been at the forefront of development into industrial wood preservation and vacuum drying resulting in many patents around the world.


Our system offered for the Hydro-Thermo treatment process is the MOLDRUP-SSP(Superheated Steam under Pressure)
Thermo modification treatment (TMT) is recommended for hardwoods and some softwood.

  • Increased dimensional stability (30 – 50% improvement)
  • Protection of wood against rot and fungi to risk classes 2, 3 & 4 (exterior cladding, decking, fencing)
  • Coloring the wood to a pleasant uniform brown appearance
  • Removing color defects from wood
  • Lowering the equilibrium moisture content
  • Capacity per charge: 2 – 8 m3 ~ 800 – 8300 Board Feet.
  • Annual capacity 2.000 – 4.000 m3  ~ 820,000-1,650,000 b.ft.
  • Cycle times for our process:  8 and 15 hours
  • Investment: Typically less than $ 400,000 for turn-key delivery