Moisture Meters & Strength

With Brookhuis Americas, Inc … you are out of the woods!

When you need to control and manage your moisture contents be it in your lumber mill, Kiln operation, processing plant, or inspection of building materials, you need look no further:

Brookhuis Micro-Electronics specializes in developing and manufacturing instruments to measure the moisture content in wood and construction materials as well as systems to determine the strength class and stiffness of wood.



We are proud to advise that we have obtained approval for our MSR – Machine strength grading equipment for use in both the United States (ALSC) and Canada (CLSA). We now offer the most competitive MSR grading ewquipment in North America – Period!

With more than 90 years experience Brookhuis Micro-Electronics is a reliable partner, converting your requirements and desires into high-quality products. Professional instruments, available worldwide and here on the American continent from Brookhuis Americas, Inc.  Brookhuis Micro-Electronics manufactures professional instruments. These instruments comply with international requirements and standards.

For the best, most reliable and easy to use meters in our busines………

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