Laboratory Equipment & Services

Laboratory Equipment

If you’re looking for testing plants for your laboratory, you’ll need high-quality products if you want to produce reliable results. When you work with us, you will always enjoy only the best. Whether you’re looking to use equipment for new preservative testing, accelerated wood drying, creating a thermo-modification testing line or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

We have supplied our pilot plants to most of the chemical suppliers worldwide. All equipment will be delivered to your site either completely assembled and ready to go, or we’ll assemble it for you. You’ll be up and running in a matter of days instead of weeks.

We offer pilot plants in any size, from completely manual operation to fully automatic small-scale operation. Please call us for pictures and descriptions of former projects.


Take your wood treatment to the next level with our Hydro-Thermo™ modification “factory-in-a-box.” We offer plants of any size based on your needs and specifications. Not only are these plants customizable to your needs, but they come with a plethora of benefits for you to take advantage of.

You can get more quality out faster – as short as 12-18 hour charges for some species, leading to lower production and investment costs. It’s not just about affordability, however. The product quality is also superb in comparison with other systems, and it can easily be operated with different load levels. As an added bonus, the system can be emission-free.

Other Services

Thanks to our network of U.S. partners, we can provide a wide variety of products and services for you to enjoy. Take a look at everything we can offer, including:

Tie stacking systems.

Tie branding equipment.

Sorting lines.

Rail car oil receiving stations.

Door adjustment services.

Ring modifications.

Customized machinery.

Specialty equipment.


Our modification process utilizes the incredibly efficient Moldrup system. With this innovative system in place, you can really see where all the savings are. When other systems use dry heat to treat the wood, the moisture levels can fall to too low a level, possibly causing damage and cracking. The Modrup system runs on a schedule of varying steam pressure, maintaining a comfortable 2-4 percent moisture content, ensuring control and quality.

With the shorter cycle time and ease of operation, you can always count on a quick but quality treatment that has a proven track record of success going back years. Even the equipment itself is durable, as the valves, bearings and other components are made from stainless steel in order to resist the corrosive acetic acid byproduct of Hydro-Thermo™ treatment.

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We’re passionate about supplying wood treatment equipment, so don’t hesitate to contact us, whether you need something new or are ready to upgrade what you already have. Give us a call at 1-877-785-0274 or Contact Us on our website to take your wood treatment to the next level today!