Dip Tanks

A complete solution for wood treating.

Many specialized preservatives require dipping. Borate solutions for ties and poles, preservatives for pallets, insecticides for crating, etc. A dip tank is the answer. These convenient and effective systems allow you to treat wood in large quantities at once to ensure full coverage and peak efficiency. All you need is the right equipment to get the job done.

For dip tanks you can count on, American Wood Technology is happy to help. We use only quality equipment you can count on that ensures your wood gets the proper treatment. We focus on larger and Automated Systems only. Learn more about our dip tanks and discover how American Wood Technology can help you.

Spray Systems

One of the most common alternatives to dip tanks are spray systems. Rather than dipping the wood in a tank full of treatment, it’s sprayed directly onto the wood. If you think this might be a better solution for your wood treatment needs, Please give us a call to discuss further. We may or may not be a good fit for this application!

What Are Dip Tanks?

You need a way to treat multiple stacks or bundles of lumber at once, but spraying your bundle can cause a mess. An alternative is to purchase larger autoclaves, but why would you when a dip tank allows you to treat your entire bundle at once? While an even treatment will make your wood look more appealing, it also grants it greater protection from decay, extending its service life.

Dip tanks can vary in size depending on your needs, but they all function in virtually the same way. Hoists are used to load wood into the dip tank, where the wood is imbued with the chemicals and preservatives needed to preserve it for as long as needed. This gives the chemicals time to soak through the wood, leaving it with a finish you can count on. Once removed from the tanks, the materials are either sitting, allowing for drip-off, or are conveyed onward to a tilting drip-off section. Once ready, the stacks are conveyed to the off-loading section, which may be controlled remotely by the forklift operator.

Clean. Safe. Efficient.

Our Dip Tanks

At American Wood Technology, we’re happy to offer dynamic dip tank solutions that will meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for dip tanks that can handle borate solutions, pre-mixed solutions or anything else, we’ve got you covered. Our systems are highly automated with loading, drip-off areasand off-loading zones. We no longer can offer manual or Single stack systems in North America.

We customize your dip tank to fit your worksite. Our options range from on-top-of-ground systems to in-ground systems that are delivered to your worksite complete and ready to go. Think of it as a Factory-In-A-Box. You can enjoy peace of mind with our double tanks and internal alarms, or any other features else that best suit your needs. Our tanks are available in stainless steel or heavily epoxy-coated.

Contact American Wood Technology

No matter what your wood treatment needs are, American Wood Technology has got your back on larger feed-through set-ups. If you’re looking to offer new services or want to upgrade the services you already offer, we can get you the machinery you need to get it done right. Normally, it could take months to set up a factory, but our Factory-In-A-Box methodology can have your business up and running in a matter of days. Contact us today to learn more about all the exciting products and services we can offer you. Take your wood treatment to the next level with the freedom you deserve!